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A fair salary, good social benefits, and performance-based reimbursement–HOCHTIEF offers its employees attractive packages. You can read about them in the following section.

HOCHTIEF structures its contracts fairly. In Germany, HOCHTIEF orients its wages and salaries to the currently applicable collective bargaining agreements. The types of work contracts range from regional collective bargaining agreements such as those in the construction industry to collective bargaining agreements within individual companies. Depending on the professional group and its area of activity, the individual categories depend on the employees' qualifications and tasks. In work units that are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement, HOCHTIEF provides individualized wage and salary offers.
People all over the world work for HOCHTIEF. And all over the world HOCHTIEF ensures that its employees are fairly compensated according to their qualifications and performance. HOCHTIEF rejects wage and social dumping. It complies with the currently applicable collective bargaining agreements and legal requirements.
As an employer, we bear certain responsibilities. As a rule, the social benefits we offer exceed the respective national requirements. Depending on the individual company, these social benefits range from employer-financed pensions in the form of old age, disability, widows' and orphans' pensions to the individual health insurance models of our foreign subsidiaries and associated companies._
Deferred compensation in the form of a direct insurance policy is a tried and tested type of occupational retirement program in Germany. Within the German legal framework, HOCHTIEF offers its employees the option of investing part of their remuneration to create an additional pension fund._
HOCHTIEF has developed fair and transparent systems of performance-based remuneration. Depending on the specific requirements of each company, these systems are available to selected employees from all company units.
To enable its employees to share in its success, HOCHTIEF regularly puts together an employee share package that is offered at a preferential price.
Superior performance pays off: Employees who contribute to the Group's success through their outstanding commitment receive gratuities that honor their dedication with a financial reward.
”Business ethics and integrity ensure our credibility,“ according to the HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct, the guideline that defines the mandatory rules of behavior for our employees. HOCHTIEF has been actively committed to the prevention of corruption for many years.

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