Theory and practice—would you like to have both? No problem! HOCHTIEF offers both internships and work-study programs. We also support students with their bachelor’s and master’s theses in various fields. The advantage here is that you’re able to look behind the scenes of an international corporate group even as you continue studying, which means you can obtain valuable experience for your future career. Moreover, if you apply for a job at HOCHTIEF later on, the knowledge you’ve gained and the networks you’ve established will make your start at the company much easier.

Are you getting curious? We’re looking for bachelor’s and master’s degree candidates who are enrolled in a university and are able to provide initial transcripts. Many of our available positions are in the fields of construction engineering, construction management, technical building installations, supply engineering, engineering management, and business administration.

Basically, the more time you plan for an internship, the more experience you’ll gain from it. In any case, you should assume an internship period of at least four weeks, maximum six months. Your skills should ideally also include a solid knowledge of English and in the field of IT. If you can also work well in a team and have a passion for taking on new challenges, you’ll surely fit in with our company. Of course, we pay our interns.

The times for starting internships and work-study programs with us are flexible and independent of which phase of your term you are in. The best thing to do for you is to already send your application three months before your favored internship starting date. You’ll find a list of available positions on our Job Search pages. We look forward to your online application—whether it’s in response to an online job posting or is submitted on your own initiative.

The following sections provide more information on the opportunities available at HOCHTIEF.

Job search

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„ I always felt like a true member of the team during my internship. My team colleagues asked me about my personal interests and I was able to contribute my own ideas. “