International construction sites, technical departments, concert halls, and factories—the places where HOCHTIEF employees work differ in accordance with their professional backgrounds and reflect the great variety of the Group's activities.

As an international company, HOCHTIEF opens the door to a range of careers for young individuals. The following is just a selection of the fields successful applicants might work in.

As an assistant construction manager, you will demonstrate both your specialist skills and business acumen in building construction, civil engineering, and structural engineering assignments. You will gradually take on more responsibility and will begin managing individuals from different trades involved in construction after an initial orientation phase. At that point, you will work within your own area of responsibility on all aspects of a project, from the initial tender to construction site coordination. Your talent in negotiating with subcontractors will be just as important here as your intuitive ability to manage conflicts. The broad range of daily activities, and the trust placed in you at an early stage (in terms of calculation and planning as well), are what make this job so exciting at HOCHTIEF.

As an assistant engineer at HOCHTIEF, you'll be given the chance to put the knowledge you've gained during your studies to good use. Your responsibilities for building construction and civil engineering, infrastructure, and energy systems will include planning, engineering, and consulting especially in Essen and Frankfurt. Depending on the specialized department concerned, deployment in other cities is possible.

If you're interested in developing optimal solutions for challenging projects commissioned either internally or by external customers, you may soon find yourself working in one of these exciting fields. As a technical services provider, you'll be part of the construction implementation process in Germany and around the world.

If you're open to new technological developments, an innovative assignment might soon be yours in the field of virtual design or BIM/BIS management, or as part of a team that incorporates new research results into our construction projects.

Regardless of what you do, it will help put challenging projects and ideas into practice around the world.

You can expect an exciting entry-level experience as a commercial project manager at HOCHTIEF—not to mention a broad range of assignments. Entrepreneurial skills are needed here, as you will work with a project team to ensure that the construction project you manage produces the best possible result. Your job will focus on advising and supporting the overall project manager in particular when it comes to controlling and data processing. In other words, you will act as the interface between the construction site and commercial services units; this means you'll be an integral part of the controlling process.


HOCHTIEF offers you entry-level positions in the traditional commercial fields of controlling, accounting, finance and taxes. Construction projects, operation projects, corporate headquarters, and everything in between—there's no lack of financial figures to be processed. As a staff member in one of the relevant departments, you'll be responsible for financial planning and data collection, analysis, interpretation, consolidation, and forecasting. You'll become familiar with the measures we take in this area and with our activities on the capital and financial markets, and you'll also learn how securities, asset, and financial risk management work in practice. The strategies, visions, and sophisticated analytic skills you develop as part of our expert team will help safeguard the financial value of HOCHTIEF. We offer entry-level positions in our operating and services units, as well as in the Management Support Office at Corporate Headquarters.


Qualified employees are our factor for success. As an assistant in our Human Resources department, you will, depending on the focus of your work, be assigned to either the Human Resources Management unit or to a specialist unit such as Payroll Accounting. Your job might involve recruiting trainees, hiring skilled professionals and managerial staff or dealing with all of the employees’ issues. As contact partner for managerial staff, you accompany job interviews and, in cooperation with the companies, create new instruments for providing employees with individual support. We will further you, too.

A good strategy consistently takes the further development of the organization into account. After an intensive orientation period, you will use your creativity and innovative spirit to support strategic operations at HOCHTIEF with the goal of exploiting new potential that will lead to success. The Group's international business will be a particular focus area. Your responsibilities will include analyzing markets, creating plans for new business fields, and assisting operating units with the implementation of these plans. You will also benefit from the expertise of your experienced colleagues.

The Procurement department is responsible for acquiring materials, subcontractors, and general services. Our global procurement network ensures we are present in all of the world's major markets. As a procurement assistant, you will learn to independently manage procurement processes, support procurement controlling units, and develop strategies for specific projects. Members of the procurement staff work both on the national and international levels, at our business units, and in major projects. The more flexible you are, the greater will be your entry level possibilities at HOCHTIEF.

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