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The following section contains answers to frequently asked questions about the application process. Our Application Management department is ready to assist you if you require more specific information.

If you have a question concerning a specific position, please contact the responsible human resources manager, whose name is listed at the end of the job description.

When will I receive an initial response to my application?

If you apply via our online system, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of your application immediately after you submit it. You can then be sure that we have received all of your documents and will soon begin examining them.

In the case of an application submitted by e-mail, you can expect to receive confirmation within approximately three working days. The entire HOCHTIEF application process is carried out online. In case you send us your documents by mail, we will scan in them and return your application dossier to you.

I would like to apply for more than one position. Is it enough if I only send the one application?

You will need to make the applications individually using the online application form. This does not take up much time and after filling out the form with your details the first time you can use it to make other applications. It is important for us that your papers, in particular the covering letter, are aimed at that particular position.

Why can’t I see a certain job posting?

A new window opens when you register/login. If your browser has a popup blocker turned on, you will need to deactivate it in order to see additional windows.

What happens to all my data on the online job market?

We only need your details for the application. At the conclusion of the application process, for instance in case of a rejection, you can apply for further positions. Your personal information is saved in our system so that applying is easier for you to complete which enables you and us to work on applications more efficiently and effectively. If you prefer that we not keep your file, then you will need to get in contact with our application management, please. Our employees will then delete your file.

Is it possible to make an interruption during the application process and complete it, for instance, on another day?

Yes, you can interrupt the input of the details and continue at a later point of time. All you need to do is save what you have completed before closing the online application form. You will need to enter your user name and password to once again access your incomplete application.

What can I do if I have sent a faulty application?

If you sent a faulty application we recommend to apply once again. Please drop a line in your cover letter about the changes. Then we will replace your faulty application by the corrected documents.

Can I make changes to my personal details on the online job market at a later point of time?

Of course you can make changes and update your personal information later. All that is required is that you log on under "My Application" and you can access your information. This is particularly helpful when you have moved and changed your address.

How long are my personal data saved?

You decide how long your data and documents are saved. If you do not refresh your profile within six months, your profile will be automatically erased.

Can I reapply if my application is rejected?

If you find another interesting job listing later on that you feel you’re qualified for, we will be happy to accept another application from you. Our online application system also allows you to access your data after completing one application, which means you’ll only have to update your information for a second application.

Who should I speak to about travel expense reimbursements?

If you receive an invitation for an interview via our Application Management department, it will also contain a travel expense form. You should fill out this form and send it with original travel documents (e.g. train tickets) to the Application Management department. You will find the department’s address either on the form or in the “Contact” section.

Is it possible to erase my profile or to cancel my application?

If you want to erase your profile or wish to cancel an already sent application please send an e-mail to our application management. The contact details are mentioned in our confirmation of receipt which you receive after sending your documents.

Whom should I talk to if I have any questions?

Questions regarding a specific position should be addressed to the contact person whose name appears at the end of the job listing. For questions about the application process (e.g. the current status of your application), please call the Application Management hotline (Tel. +49 201 824-1500). Please understand that any calls you make to us will have no effect on our decision.

When should I apply for an apprentice position?

We generally list apprentice positions for the upcoming year after the summer holidays, at which time you are free to submit an application to HOCHTIEF. Applications submitted after that time may also be successful, provided apprenticeships are still available. You can view all open apprenticeships on the HOCHTIEF Job Search pages.

Will I get paid for mandatory internships and general work placements?

HOCHTIEF does not pay a salary for internships required by your school. However, you will receive compensation if you stay with us longer than required—for example during term break—or if you participate in a pre-study internship program prior to your university studies. We have signed the FairCompany initiative.

Can I do an internship between my bachelor’s and master’s courses of study?

Yes, that is possible. If you’d like to get some practical experience after completing your bachelor’s degree and before starting your master’s course of study, apply for one of our listed internship positions. If you don’t see a suitable position, you are also welcome to send an unsolicited application.

Do I need to apply online in English for an internship abroad?

Yes, please be sure to submit all your application documents for an internship abroad in English. This will allow our people at the location in question to gain an initial impression of your background and abilities, and it will also give us an idea of how good your English is.

Will I be paid for my internship?

As a member of the FairCompany initiative, HOCHTIEF offers appropriate compensation for internships. Payment varies in line with the number of years of study you’ve already completed, how long the internship lasts and if it is voluntary or mandatory.

Is it possible to conduct a four-week internship?

When you join us for an internship, we try to get you involved in projects and normal daily assignments as much as possible. You therefore should plan to spend at least four weeks with us to ensure you’ll become familiar with specific tasks.

Please keep in mind that gaining practical experience while you study will help you develop a better perspective regarding your future career. Prospective employers often also value an internship more than rapid completion of your degree.

Do I need to conduct an internship at home before applying for one abroad?

Our recommendation is that you gather practical experience at home before conducting an internship abroad. The internship at home doesn’t necessarily have to be at HOCHTIEF—but that’s usually the direct path to a subsequent assignment abroad, because it ensures you’re already familiar with the Group’s structure and key contact partners. It also increases your chances of being given an internship abroad as these posts often are much sought after.

Am I entitled to vacation time during my internship?

We offer vacation time in accordance with German law. You’ll get five days of vacation in a three-month internship. You will also be given unpaid time off during the internship for college-related obligations such as exams.

Can I submit an unsolicited application?

We would be happy to receive an unsolicited online application from you if you can’t find a suitable position on our Job Search pages. The following link will take you to our Online Unsolicited Application site.

If I’m a college graduate, can I also apply for positions targeted at candidates with work experience?

Your application may still be successful in this case if the position you’re applying for is listed under “Jobs for Applicants with Initial Work Experience.” In certain situations we will also consider relevant practical experience while in college as equal to initial work experience.

Is it possible to conduct an internship after I complete my studies?

That depends on the type of degree you have. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree can generally do an internship at HOCHTIEF if they plan to pursue a master’s degree. We are, however, unable to offer internships to graduates with a master’s degree because such candidates are considered ready for entry-level positions. Our participation in the FairCompany initiative prohibits us from offering entry-level positions as internships.

As a college graduate, would I join HOCHTIEF as a trainee or as an entry-level employee?

That depends on the position you’re applying for—and certainly also on your interests and experience. In general, our job postings clearly state whether the position in question is for a trainee or an entry-level employee.

Are there specific deadlines for applying to HOCHTIEF as a college graduate?

We list positions throughout the year for entry-level employees and trainees.

If you would like to apply to HOCHTIEF on your own initiative, simply send us your application documents via our online application form three months before the earliest date you can start. That will give us enough time to have the business units in question examine your application.

Job placements on short notice can be made only in exceptional cases.


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