Braunschweig educational buildings

ClientCity of Braunschweig
Contract typePPP
ContractFinancing, construction/refurbishment and operation of nine schools, three child daycare centers, two sports facilities, and a complementary new building in Braunschweig, Germany
Capital expenditureEUR 70,6 million
Contract period25 years (2011-2036)
ShareholdersHOCHTIEF PPP Solutions (100 %)

It isn’t only the children and adolescents who benefit from the refurbishment of fourteen educational facilities in Braunschweig, but also the local economy: HOCHTIEF awarded many of the construction contracts to small and medium-sized businesses in the region.

HOCHTIEF Building has refurbished nine Braunschweig schools, three child daycare centers, and two sports facilities, and has constructd one new, complementary building. HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions is also responsible for operating the facilities for the next 25 years. As early as the planning phase, the company gave thought to the later usage, and was thus able to efficiently implement the project: So that learning is fun—right from the start.

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