Dizzying heights: The 335-meter-high Wilshire Grand Center is the tallest building on the U.S. West Coast. © Gary Leonard Wilshire Grand Center


How high is the sky? Skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa are pushing the boundaries of physics—and of our imagination. The engineers of HOCHTIEF's U.S. company Turner Construction were responsible for the construction of the world record holder—and of many other mega high-rises.

Although skyscrapers are especially popular in Asia at the moment, many are also being built in the USA, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. A total of 106 buildings higher than 200 meters were built in 2015 alone. "Improved tools and construction processes are helping us to achieve heights that we would have considered impossible in the past," says Abrar Sheriff, president and CEO of Turner International LCC, the international unit of HOCHTIEF's U.S. subsidiary.  And the race to achieve the next height record is still heating up—thanks to innovative construction technologies such as ultra-strong concrete, new kinds of supporting structures, and computer-assisted construction methods.

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