CR Organization

The close integration of corporate responsibility (CR) into HOCHTIEF’s corporate strategy is reflected in how CR is organized. The work of both the CR function and the CR bodies is geared toward the ongoing strategic and operational fine-tuning of sustainability at HOCHTIEF.

The CR Committee (set up in 2007) identifies CR areas pertaining to the Group as a whole and derives general strategic objectives. The committee then works closely with the operational units to elaborate objectives and measures, and supports and monitors their implementation. It also evaluates the wishes of HOCHTIEF’s stakeholders on these matters and instigates programs and measures as necessary in order to accommodate their interests in our strategy and activities. The CR Committee makes decisions within its remit and puts recommendations to the Executive Board.

CR Organisation

The sustainability competence team (created in 2008) is comprised primarily of representatives from the operational units. Its objective is to strengthen and further develop networking and knowledge transfer within the company at operational level.

In order to measure sustainability progress, data is captured via the Groupwide SoFi software.

HOCHTIEF’s stakeholders

HOCHTIEF has identified as stakeholders those groups which significantly influence the economic, ecological, and social performance of HOCHTIEF or may do so in the future, as well as those groups which are significantly affected by our Group’s economic, ecological, and social performance or may be affected in the future. This was based in particular on our experience from longstanding customer relations, our project business, communications work, and regularly conducted market surveys.

  • Shareholders
  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Subcontractors and suppliers
  • Government and public authorities
  • Investors, analysts and bank representatives
  • Associations and organizations, NGOs
  • Neighbors and local residents
  • Universities, colleges, and scientific institutions
  • High school and college/university students, recent graduates
  • Journalists
Stakeholder management

HOCHTIEF’s business activities are influenced by diverse internal and external stakeholder groups. Our stakeholder management serves the purpose of systematically surveying and giving strategic consideration to stakeholder needs within sustainable, responsible business practices and of our corresponding public positioning. By means of a differentiated process, stakeholder groups and their representatives are identified, integrated into the network, and motivated to actively contribute by providing feedback. Objectives here include ongoing dialog and a long-term connection to HOCHTIEF. We define our CR focus areas from an analysis of key issues.

Stakeholder management at HOCHTIEF