Compliance system at HOCHTIEF

Established in 2008, the HOCHTIEF Compliance system furnishes all employees with advice and support in complying with the law as well as internal company rules. In any instances of non-compliance, the compliance system coordinates measures and sanctions.

Top-level responsibility for Corporate Compliance is held by the CEO of HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft. The Chief Compliance Officer regularly reports to the Executive Board and annually submits a report to the Supervisory Board's Audit Committee.

The HOCHTIEF Compliance system deals with all issues related to combating economic crime and corruption, except for the fields of occupational health and safety, environmental protection and data protection. Special responsibility for these functions has been assigned to the competence center for occupational safety, health and environmental protection (OSHEP Center) and to the Data Security Officer.

HOCHTIEF Europe has a designated own compliance officer, supported by compliance representatives. They report directly to the Chief Compliance Officer of HOCHTIEF.

HOCHTIEF's US subsidiaries Turner, Flatiron and E.E. Cruz as well as the Australian subsidiary Leighton likewise each have a compliance program of their own. Turner and Flatiron have internal compliance committees, and an Ethics and Compliance Committee is in place at Leighton. The compliance officers of these subsidiaries also report directly to HOCHTIEF's Chief Compliance Officer.

Structure of the HOCHTIEF Compliance System

Die HOCHTIEF Compliance-Organisation