The HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct and guidelines

The HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct provides guidance on responsibility for our employees, bringing together in binding form the key rules on conduct applicable at HOCHTIEF. The HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct applies both for internal dealings with each other and for external relations with business partners, subcontractors, and public authorities.

The HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct reflects the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, which HOCHTIEF committed to comply with and promote in 2008.

The HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct covers five main thematic areas:

  • Business partners and conflicts of interests: Conflicts of interest and bribe-taking, bribery and corruption, donations and sponsoring, observance of anti-trust rules
  • Information: Dealing with internal knowledge, confidentiality and contacts, and data protection
  • Health, safety, and the environment
  • Corporate assets: Documentation of business transactions, treatment of company property and assets, insider rules
  • Principles of social responsibility: Respecting human dignity, rejecting child labor, rejecting forced labor, equality of opportunity and prohibition of discrimination, right of association and right of collective bargaining.

The document is supplemented by internal directives on topics such as customer events, donations and sponsoring, and conduct when engaging consultants. These provide HOCHTIEF employees with clear guidance on how to address compliance-related issues of this kind.



HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct

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