Strategy Toward the future. With solutions from HOCHTIEF.

Activities across the HOCHTIEF Group are bound to and guided by our vision: “HOCHTIEF is building the world of tomorrow.”

We aim to become the world’s most relevant building and infrastructure construction group driven by sustainable, profitable growth and to achieve a position of market and technology leadership in our target markets. Our strategic focus is on the core business of building in infrastructure projects and PPP, comprising

We are able to deploy our competencies of development, construction, and operation gained in over 140 years of experience effectively in all of these areas.

Other strategic initiatives focus on sustainable optimization of financial strength, improved risk management, differentiation through one-of-a-kind solutions, and positioning as an attractive place to work. Sustainable business principles are an integral part of our Group strategy, and through our actions, we nurture the relationship between business, the environment, and social responsibility worldwide. Compliance plays an equally important role in all our actions.

Decisive factors in HOCHTIEF's success include our corporate culture and close intra-Group teamwork. This is why we foster the international exchange of expertise and employees at all levels.