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The latest issue of concepts by HOCHTIEF, the company's multi-award-winning client magazine, is once again available online on the Internet. As in the past, you can comfortably go through the virtual pages by mouse click. The entire content is available and an intuitive zoom function makes it as easy to read the text as it is to read the magazine itself. Navigation is easy and can be learned quickly.

concepts online offers even more as well: Occasionally some high-quality photographs and original quotes that couldn't be printed in the magazine because there wasn't enough space can be found here. As usual the latest edition contains exciting and informative features from locations all over the world.

It is well known that the Czech metropolis of Prague captivates millions of visitors every year. What is less well known, however, is that the city on the Vltava is an important market for major construction companies. HOCHTIEF was one of the first companies to recognize this fact, and has already been working in the Czech Republic since the fall of the Iron Curtain. Today, the Group subsidiary HOCHTIEF CZ is one of the country’s most successful companies. It is particularly active in the “Golden City” whose modern look HOCHTIEF has been instrumental in shaping. Take a little time and enjoy a tour of Prague with concepts.

The trend is unmistakable: More and more people want to live in the city—and ideally, it should be quiet, central and comfortable. However, there is hardly any space for new buildings. Solutions are needed and they lie in the apartment buildings that are currently shooting out of the ground all over metropolises. Although tall, they have nothing in common with the high-rises of yesteryear. Come into one of the palaces in the clouds built by HOCHTIEF where, even on the 18th floor with floor-to-ceiling windows, you do not need to worry about vertigo.

HOCHTIEF is not only going skyward in this issue, however, but also deep underground. Take the “Schaartor” flood prevention project in Hamburg, for instance. Given rising ocean levels and extreme weather events, storm surges in particular have become an acute risk. That is why coastal regions all over the world need to catch up in the area of flood prevention. The solutions developed by HOCHTIEF in the Hanseatic city could help other coastal towns.

Do you happen to know what a “Schlamm-o-mat” (mud-o-mat) is? It is a kind of selfie-stick with a camera which can be used to evaluate even extremely muddy subsoil under water—indispensable for documentation purposes and important technical decisions. The latest issue of our client magazine reveals how a simple yardstick and a waterproof camera have been transformed into a useful tool for engineers at HOCHTIEF.

Get ready for an exciting project voyage! We hope you enjoy reading the new issue.


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