With our three divisions HOCHTIEF Americas, HOCHTIEF Asia Pacific and HOCHTIEF Europe, we are present in all the world's major markets. In 2018, HOCHTIEF spent EUR 17.4 billion on the procurement of materials—mostly concrete, steel and wood—and subcontractor services—such as the services of crafts trades operating as subcontractors for HOCHTIEF.

All requirements regarding products and materials, execution, quality, service, deadlines and costs are bundled by the Procurement team and documented in contracts with suppliers and subcontractors in line with the project specifications. Procurement thus has a key role during project execution: The processes’ efficiency and quality are of great importance for the Group’s success.

The subject of sustainability is essential for HOCHTIEF and is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy. Procurement therefore is one of the six sustainability focus areas.

One of HOCHTIEF’s declared goals is to be present in all major markets worldwide via our global network. To be able to achieve this, the Procurement units in the individual operating companies operate in line with the decentralized set-up of the divisions in the respective markets.

Organization of procurement at HOCHTIEF

Procurement staff form a professional network. Central cross-divisional, Group-wide purchasing units support the decentralized procurement teams, which operate in a similar way to a small or medium-sized company and are integrated into ongoing projects. The shared goal is to select suitable suppliers and subcontractors with regard to HOCHTIEF’s economic, ecological and social requirements.


HOCHTIEF Americas:

In the HOCHTIEF Asia Pacific division, the CIMIC Group comprises the following operational units. Procurement is the responsibility of the respective Procurement departments.


Supplier Portals