HOCHTIEF Insurance Broking and Risk Management Solutions GmbH is the insurance service provider for the HOCHTIEF Group.

The company

  • first carries out thorough risk analysis, on the basis of which it prepares an insurance cover concept and then procures the required cover on the international markets,
  • obtains insurance offers, examines these offers and places them in consultation with the corporate divisions,
  • negotiates and optimizes the contractual terms (extent of cover and price) of insurance contracts,
  • handles the administrative work and
  • acts to protect the interests of the corporate units during the process of claims settlement.

In the case of international projects, HOCHTIEF Insurance can, if required, engage co-brokers in order to ensure local support and assistance.

In addition, the company creates self-retention solutions for those risks which the Group can bear by itself. This includes Group-internal reinsurance solutions which are managed by HOCHTIEF Insurance.