HOCHTIEF as an employer

The concept of "successful employees" has been firmly embedded in HOCHTIEF's corporate guiding principles for many years. Identification with the company, the associated commitment of specialist and management staff, as well as an efficient workforce structure are the factors that create this success. It is also very important to train employees in a targeted way, to promote their development and thus to foster their loyalty to HOCHTIEF.

Human resources management topics:

Employee rights
Human and employee rights, the Group’s vision and guiding principles, as well as the principles of the Corporate Governance Code are the cornerstones of human resources management at HOCHTIEF. In addition, the HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct is mandatory for our employees and ensures respectful, lawful conduct toward colleagues, business partners, and customers. It was created in 2002 and revised in 2013. We also adhere to the voluntary obligations contained in the applicable ILO standards. HOCHTIEF attaches great importance to cooperation with employee representatives. Management approves of the employees’ right to form unions. Employees at all HOCHTIEF locations are encouraged to take advantage of their right to elect representatives to safeguard their interests.

Recruiting and talent search
One of HOCHTIEF’s strategic goals is to hire highly qualified employees and ensure their long-term loyalty to the company—especially in view of the discussion about a shortage of trained professionals. For this reason, we implement a wide range of measures to reinforce the attractiveness and positioning of our employer brand. more

Employee retention
Retaining qualified employees is instrumental to our long-term business success. HOCHTIEF continuously furthers the advancement of its employees’ careers and development of their personal potential by offering a broad range of continuing education opportunities. Employee participation, such as through in-house ideas management, a program where employees can submit suggestions for improvement and discuss innovations, is actively promoted by HOCHTIEF.

Personnel development
Offering our employees opportunities for personal development is central to human resources management at HOCHTIEF. The structured employee interviews that take place once a year as well as the associated feedback from management provide the opportunity for reviewing and initiating additional measures for individual advancement. These interviews are held in all divisions.

The diversity of our employees is vital to ensuring HOCHTIEF’s success. This is why we specifically focus on diversity in our divisions in a number of ways. more

Occupational health and safety
For the HOCHTIEF Group, occupational safety and health are a top priority. The competence center for occupational safety, health, and environmental protection (OSHEP) has organizational responsibility for this issue. more

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Works councils

Constructive relations with works councils

HOCHTIEF employees everywhere have the right to elect their own representatives to safeguard their interests. Management expressly welcomes the right of employees to union membership.


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