Occupational safety and health

The occupational safety and health of our employees are much more to HOCHTIEF than merely a legal obligation. This issue is a top priority throughout the Group. Our goal is to share responsibility with all stakeholders in creating a working environment in which our employees stay healthy and job-related illnesses and accidents are eliminated as far as possible. It is also important to us that our business partners and subcontractors implement such working conditions.

The aim of providing the conditions for optimum workplace health and safety is among our company's guiding principles and is laid down in the HOCHTIEF Code of Conduct as the duty of all employees. The minimum requirements we have defined in this area are described in a corresponding Group directive is the foundation for the occupational safety, health, and environmental protection organization in the HOCHTIEF Group. Moreover, our employees are expected to adhere to all statutory and regulatory requirements regarding occupational safety and health as well as to implement the risk minimization measures identified in the hazard assessments. We are achieving our goal of working accident-free on more and more projects.

The work safety cultures at the HOCHTIEF units and companies have developed to differing degrees due to the varying social welfare systems in the countries concerned. Ensuring that we have a uniform culture in which all staff members feel responsible for occupational safety and health requires that we highly prioritize continuing education on these topics in all HOCHTIEF divisions. Our employees receive regular training both internally and externally.

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