Impact Management

As an international construction company, HOCHTIEF exerts direct and indirect influence on the environment and society through its business operations in a number of ways, both during the course of its project work and after the conclusion of its projects. The execution of construction projects always involves an intrusion into existing structures, and buildings always have a long-term impact due to their long service lives. For us, then, forward-looking planning that encompasses all considerations is essential for responsible management of these impacts. We know that we bear a special responsibility for the impacts that we generate. It is our express intention that society and the environment benefit as much as possible and suffer the fewest possible stresses as a result of our works. Dealing with impacts actively in the best possible way generates clear benefits for our own business, for clients, as well as society at large. Naturally, we are also obligated to promptly take corrective measures should shortcomings occur.

Impact Management position paper

Every construction project has an effect on our natural surroundings. HOCHTIEF is aware and capable of managing these impacts. The execution of this capability, however, depends on the contract and scope desired by the client.

The product life cycle of a building and environmental impact

The options for promoting sustainable construction decline as the process advances. The best time to gain the most from sustainable construction is the planning phase.

Options for promoting sustainable construction in each project phase