The HOCHTIEF structure reflects the operational alignment of our company and also mirrors the Group's presence in all important regions internationally.

The strategic Management Holding comprises the Executive Board and the Corporate Centers of the Group. This control level is responsible for the strategic and organizational development of HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft.

On the level below the Management Holding, there are three divisions: HOCHTIEF Americas, HOCHTIEF Asia Pacific and HOCHTIEF Europe. These divisions comprise HOCHTIEF's operational units. They represent the service portfolio and reflect the company's global presence.

The portfolio is supplemented by a 20 percent stake in the world's leading international toll road operator Abertis Infraestructuras.

The company HOCHTIEF Insurance Broking and Risk Management Solutions is on the level below the Management Holding. It is available to all Group units as a service provider:

In its broker function, HOCHTIEF Insurance offers insurance services covering the entire life cycle of infrastructure projects, real estate and facilities. It also insures construction projects and facility management services. In addition, HOCHTIEF Insurance performs reinsurance services via subsidiaries.


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