Research and development/Innovation

Unique projects require innovative strength HOCHTIEF undertakes sophisticated building construction and infrastructure projects for national and international clients worldwide. Often, these customized solutions are complex and one-of-a-kind. Numerous research and development (R&D) advances are used in the projects to meet our clients’ exacting requirements. Developing and implementing innovative alternative proposals generates quantifiable value added and clearly sets us apart from competitors. Research and development is a major factor in HOCHTIEF’s sustainability activities. Both centrally as well as at divisional and project level, our employees develop forward-thinking ideas for sustainable solutions. In addition to producing financial benefit, these solutions take us a long way toward achieving our environmental and social goals.

Innovation management as a success factor

HOCHTIEF is among the innovation leaders in the construction industry thanks to our systematic innovation management efforts across companies and divisions. These activities enable us to continuously reinforce and boost our market position. Our teams work day in, day out to make internal workflows and processes even more efficient. We also deploy R&D to develop strong new business segments.


HOCHTIEF innovation management is part of the Corporate Development department at HOCHTIEF Corporate Headquarters. The team is responsible for Group-wide innovation management and for innovation management of HOCHTIEF Solutions.

All Group companies can apply for a sponsorship via the central innovation budget. An Innovation Committee, consisting of representatives of the operative units and the holding, decides, which projects are sponsored and realized.

The continuous exchange with the innovation managers of the international subsidiaries provides for Group-wide transparency and synergies in innovation matters.